This low cost, high ROI training program gives agents the information they need to begin to master 2-4 unit income property and immediately generate more commissions.

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Live Training to Earn More Commissions

Ideally seminars will be booked a minimum of five weeks in advance which gives us enough time to market the event to your agents as well as order the materials and secure the room. Once we agree on a date your Marketing Department will create a flyer. We have samples we can provide for past events. Once that flyer is emailed out to all agents, we will provide you with a customized Newsletter to send out about seven days later to all agents. It will also incorporate RSVP info. This will generate interest in the event and drive registration.

CE Credit

Typically, there are local companies that push the CE process through so their agents could receive credit for the day. If you’re interested in doing this we’re more than happy to work with you and would just need to schedule a date with enough lead time to complete the process.

Minimum Group Size

Jon’s worked with groups from 20 agents up to 300, and there is no ideal group size. The seminar is interactive and agents are encouraged to ask questions throughout the day.


Each agent receives a book, CD Rom with Analytical Tools, and 170-page Workbook. Costs for these items are around $16/agent, and may fall slightly for groups of 125 or more. There could also a cost for room rental.


  • Airfare – flying out of LAX – typically $200-300
  • Hotel – 1 night prior to the event unless within 100 miles of Los Angeles – typically $150

Jon’s Time

  • Cabs – typically $100
  • Per Diem – typically $50

Cost for the day is $1500 regardless of number of agents attending. Average group size for most seminars is 80-120, breaking down to $10-15/agent.

Sample Seminar Cost

Typical cost for a 100 agent seminar in the Los Angeles area:

  • Material Costs – 100 agents * $16/agent - $1600
  • Travel Costs - $0
  • Seminar Cost - $1500
  • Total Cost - $3100 or $31/agent

Typical cost for a 100 agent seminar in Chicago, IL:

  • Material Costs – 100 agents * $16/agent - $1600
  • Travel Costs - $600
  • Seminar Cost - $1500
  • Total Cost - $3700 or $37/agent

Note: Your costs will vary based on number of agents in attendance. You are encouraged to open this event up to multiple offices/locations to lower your cost/agent.

Paying for the Program

Many of the groups we work with underwrite the cost of the seminar by charging their agents to attend. Note that the materials that each agent receives have a $50 retail value. So charging them $29-49/day is a great value considering the materials they receive as well as the 8 hours of live instruction.

Room Requirements

  • Large enough to hold all agents comfortably – desks are preferable to just chairs
  • Overhead projector – we provide a laptop
  • For groups of 50 or more a wireless microphone will also be required

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