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Earn more commissions in this challenging market.

Turn Homeowners into Investors

In this challenging environment, how are you expanding your business?

Are your clients already investing in income property? If they are, why not with you? And if not, who's going to show them how effective real estate investing can change their lives? And who's going to earn the commissions generated from those purchases? Show your clients how to take advantage of the power of real estate to build long-term wealth and change their financial future. Learn how to capitalize on your existing client relationships, create new ones, and expand your business with income property – and start earning more commissions now!

Imagine all the clients who you’ve sold homes to over your career. Now imagine having a reason to contact them all to discuss how you can help them secure their financial future and retirement through an investment in real estate. You take them out to lunch, offer them a copy of There’s No Free Lunch in Real Estate, and show them how you can help make sure their loved ones will always be provided for. And the best part is you can ask them for referrals of friends who they care about. Let Jon show you a way to capitalize on your existing client base, and create a new one, all while helping your clients grow wealthy. Reinvent yourself and take advantage of today’s slumping real estate market to build your future wealth.

There’s No Free Lunch in Real Estate’s comprehensive course was designed to help working real estate agents Turn Homeowners into Investors by growing your business with income properties. As one of the leading commercial agents worldwide, Jon will teach you how to earn more commissions with existing and new clients by taking advantage of this growing market.

During this program, you’ll learn:

  • The Power of Income Property
  • Basic Property Types & How Financing Works
  • What’s a GRM & CAP Rate
  • How to Underwrite Deals To See If They Make Sense
  • What’s a 1031 Exchange & How They Can Build Your Book of Business
  • How to Prequalify an Investor
  • How to Market Yourself & Find New Business
  • …and much, much more

This course includes:

  • Instruction from one of the nation’s leading commercial agents
  • Access to eight hours of streaming or downloadable video
  • A copy of Jon’s eBook, There’s No Free Lunch In Real Estate
  • Analytical Tools (in Microsoft Excel)
  • Email/Marketing Templates to help you get started marketing to your current clients and new ones
  • Downloadable PDF Workbook covering all course material
  • Access to Jon’s Resource Library containing 10 online webinars as well as multiple articles available to help you grow your business
  • Opportunity to purchase the There’s No Free Lunch In Real Estate 13 Chapter DVD series for a discounted price

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