I am currently a residential agent and want to increase my business by selling investment/commercial real estate. Should I take this course?

Yes. This class is specifically designed to meet the needs of practicing residential agents. The goal is to provide you with enough information for you to feel competent and proficient at selling 2-4 unit properties. You’ll learn the basics of the business including how to analyze a property, financing, underwriting, listing, marketing and client acquisition.

I’m already a successful residential agent. How will your classes benefit me?

You’ll learn the basics of selling 2-4 unit properties and how to be successful at it. Many successful residential agents augment their business by adding 2-4 unit sales to their skill set. However, there are different terms and principals involved so it is important you educate yourself before working with clients on a product type you are not currently familiar with and have not worked on previously. Remember, you can’t successfully sell what you don’t understand.

I’ve heard about other courses, such as those offered by CCIM and the NAR. How does your differ?

The biggest differences are time involved, cost and level of detail. CCIM costs thousands of dollars and requires hundreds of hours of class, usually over months and even years, and the ultimate goal is to produce a full-time commercial agent. Our goal is to give you, the practicing residential agent, the information needed to get started in the shortest amount of time possible. Our program gives you the basic info you need to competently work on 2-4 unit income properties and have the confidence to work with existing clients and build new relationships.

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